Did you hear about the car that runs on water?

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Water Fuel: Car running on water

Water Fuel: Cars running on water

The discussion has begun everyone. Technology now taking on the change of using water. The ultimate question is being discussed, CAN CARS REALLY RUN ON WATER?

U.S. Sitcom ‘That 70’s Show’ begun this interest for me. The character called ‘Hyde’ always talked about a car that ran on water. With the laughter and jokes about this, it sparks interest in whether this is possible or not.

The best thing about this topic is that it is REAL ! Cars have already been designed on running on water.

Below is an example of how a car can run on water. How water fuel is used to do this.

Mixed reviews are circulated around this area. More other views see it as too good to be true. Mechanics approached in Birmingham stated;

“Not sure if it would work in the long run… too much water consumption.”

People have seen this as “fascinating.” In terms of the environment, how would this work? Could the water running car really work? Can it help the environment by reducing pollution, or is it just another short term, creative idea?


Are YOU Model Material?

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Recycling: Environmental Modelling

Recycling: Environmental Modelling

The modelling industry is one of the most face paced, rapidly moving industries in the world.

Hybrid television programmes purely focussed on modelling have shown massive growth throughout the world. From America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), Australia’s Next Top Model, Canada’s Next Top Model and Britain’s Next Top Model to even Coleen’s Real Women.

As fashion develops, so is fashion’s eye  for the environment. This has taken on the form of organic clothing and D.I.Y. Clothing, creating your own.

Cycle 9 of ANTM showed this. They girls had to do a photoshoot about recycling, the environment.

Stores such as Junky Styling have dedicated creating urban eco fashion through recycling. London store founders of this creation Anni Saunders and Kerry Seagar started this from coming from a background of creating their own clothes.

Various fashion store outlets also have clothes that are more beneficial for the environment.

Not only has the modelling and retail industry taken on this trend, but also everyday people. People are now creating their own clothes from recycled material. Whether this be re-arranging their own clothes, other people’s or even recycable material.

19 year old fashion student Tina, 19, from Birmingham see’s this as an ;

“amazing way to see fashion… a first attempt to bring the environment into fashion.”

The trend of styling one’s own clothes seems to be catching on. But will this be of continuous benefit to the environment, or is it just another fashion trend?

Your Views. Is model recycling a plus point for the environment in industry?

Entry 2: Model Recycling and Car running on WATER!

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Here is a glipse into what I’m doing this week. Please comment.

1st Video Diary

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Here is my first attempt at a video diary about what I have been doing so far. Listen, comment and ENJOY !

Dumpster Diving

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Dumpster Diving: Do you want that mate?

Dumpster Diving: Do you want that mate?

A few days ago I was watching an old episode of ‘The Ricki Lake Show‘ titled ‘You’re damn cheap!” To my astonishment one of her male guests did Dumpster diving.

My first initial thought was “dumpster what?” This adventureous task involves going through other people’s rubbish and claiming it as your own. This could be from the extremes of household goods, clothes to even food.

The thought of going through someone else’s rubbish… eww! However it is seen an environmental.  How you say? Dumpster diving allows for people to recycle, preserve and reuse any items that may have been deemed as rubbish. Someone’s rubbish is deemed as someone elses treasures.

Here’s a great video from CUTVNOOZE on Youtube about Dumpster Diving across seas.

Freeganism is closely connected to dumpster diving. People employing alternative living strategies with less economy and consumption resources. This deals with salvaging food.

I decided to take this to the streets of Birmingham. Ask them what their thoughts were on ‘Dumpster Diving.’

Sandra Domm, 34 saw it as a;

“vulgar practice… a lowly lifestyle that couldn’t possibly catch on”

Jake Harris, 19, embraced the practice. He said;

“I have never done it but would definitely give it a try.”

Environmentalist’s may embrace this practice as a great means to taking recycling and preservation to the next level. The thought of never really throwing something out. It just being recycled through dumpster diving. In terms of industry and technology, it can never really be wasted. Only passed on from human to human.

A wiki has been created to allow people to give tips on dumpster diving. A great way to share ideas, even if you are thinking about doing it or have done dumpster diving before.


Dumpster diving is not as great as we can think it is. On the down side it deals with identity theft. People have been throwing out their personal belongings, being used by others in fraud situations.

I guess there’s a down side to everything, but it still seems like an idea that is environmentally helpful. Embracing change in the environment, regardless the method.

The published version of this story can be found at Birmingham Recycled.


Cast your vote on ‘Dumpster Diving.’

OUT with the OLD, IN with the NEW

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Car Exchange: Old to New

Car Exchange: Old to New

Motorist’s may soon be able to exchange their old cars for new cars.

The Government have the incentive to press ahead with the scheme. £2000 worth of vouchers could be handed out to replace vehicles nine or more years old.

A scheme of this kind has been successful in Germany. This would cause high demand for more new cars. Helping struggling car manufacturer’s in today’s recession.

No final decision has been made or announced to whether the plan would feature in the budget.

Mixed reviews have been received about the idea.

Some Environmentalist’s see this as not helping the environment. It would cost more energy to gather and manufacture these new cars.

A local member of the public in Birmingham, Catherine Wilkes, 31 stated the idea as being “not beneficial.” She noted how it is only for transport over nine years, when the problem would really lie in the “newer vehicles.”

She also raised the issue of “pollution.” She said “exchanging old cars with new cars isn’t really helping the environment.” She feels that the Government should focus on tackling real life environmental issues such as “pollution.”

Part time self employed Birmingham Car Mechanic and Engineer, Newton Spencer said “it would put pressure on car manufacturer’s.” Also that “money” would be an issue due to current economis status.


Seems this scheme, if put into place, will gain mixed reviews. Can this really help the environment? Will it help the environment? This looks to add to the developing battle between technology helping the environment or technology not helping the environment.

Check out the published version at Birmingham Recycled.

A Dream Away

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A view to remember: Tranform your environment

A view to remember: Tranform your environment

The image accompanying this text is from outside my house. This land is currently owned by Birmingham City Council and has been like this for over 20 years.

It’s environment is in tact but suffering. It is seeping with rubbish and caged behind bars for citizen protection. It’s natural habitat is left to fend for itself. Relying only on nature itself. Rain for food, sun for growth and each other for life.

This is an example of an environment going to waste. No human contact or effort to help it become better. Just left like a tiger in the wild.

The environment should be something we want to help. Whether it is natural or man made. Helping the environment should be a goal we should at least attempt to set in our lives.

We are learning how to help the environment in terms of saving energy and electricity. Leading to saving money. The environment is not about how we as a nation can save money but how we SHOULD be caring for what is around us.

Groups such as Centre of the Earth and Greenpeace, running along side dedicated environmental groups like Greener People and Wild about Britain. They are examples that people care about the environment.

Esther Boyd also talks about the environment and gets others involved. People who want change not only for themselves but for the environment around them.

Helping the environment is not just for professionals, but for you the public too.  Casey known as ‘Economical Mom‘ is an example of this. Helping the environment for its own sake and others. Are there any in Birmingham (UK) doing this that I know not of, leave your blog address if so?

People of Birmingham, UK and all others around the world. Don’t let the natural environment around you become a part of history. Taught of how nice it was and how it could of been helped. Do something today about your environment. Help it help you.