Green STOP?

Stop!: A standstill in environmental thinking

Stop!: A standstill in environmental thinking

I have been writing about the environment for a while now. I started writing about the environment for a university module. I did not have any interests or much knowledge about the environment. Once I got into blogging and writing articles about the environment, I gained much knowledge into the environment. What the environment was about, different areas which the environment covered, and so on.

This has been my FIRST post for a while. For an unknown strange reason, my mind has become ‘jilted.’ My mind has become blank on the thousands of content ideas it can create for blogging about the environment. Does this mean I have nothing else to say? Does this mean there is nothing more to say about the environment? Shall I not write about the environment anymore? NO… it just means that I will now think of DIFFERENT ways of interacting with the environment. New stories will come to mind when I find out different ways to blog about the environment.


~ by staycee1 on October 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Green STOP?”

  1. The Environment, as a subject, is huge and won’t be going away any time soon. Finding a niche that you feel attached to is where it gets hard.

    There are loads of writers who get quite militant about “Green” issues but I’d like to see something a little less serious. Something that makes me want to get involved instead of making me feel like I’ve been in a two hour lecture.

    Gosh, don’t I go on.
    Here endeth the lesson 😉

  2. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Twigsta: New Blog Post: Standstill in environmental blogging… what to do?

  3. Thank you for commenting on this blog post Mr Uku.

    I definitely agree with your first paragraph. The environment and any situation or topic involved within it is big. There are many angles which can be taken on each given story. Research into environmental stories is also a bog area. Finding a niche is hard, which is why my blog posts vary.

    I find it fascinating that you, personally, would like to see something a little less serious, of which will pull you in rather than lecture you. Other people, who haven’t left comments, have also said this to me. This is definitely something I will be looking to try and do. Something that will cause people to get ‘more involved.’

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