Man vs Machine: Foot Express


Foot Express: Helping the environment

Foot Express: Helping the environment

Top Gear aired a special episode a while back about whether a man could get to a certain destination before a car would. The great battle between man and machine. Who could win? Obviously the car right? Well even to my astonishment, the man WON! He beat the car by at least 10 minutes. The car led the race with a great advantage over the man, who was a marathon runner. The car was in the lead for most of the race until it hit traffic, at which the man literally passed the car.

How is this an environmental issue you say? Well… Cars give of numerous amounts of gases that slowly destroy the environment bit by bit. Manufacturing companies have been developing cars that are more ‘eco friendly’.  Companies such as Porsche have created the ‘Green Porsche’, which is an environmentally friendly car.  Genepax who have created a car that runs on water.

Technology is helping the environment, however how much more can you do if you WALK? Just as in the above talked about Top Gear episode, running over-ruled driving. Man beat the machine. Running or even walking more rather than taking your car and public transport, if possible, will benefit the environment loads.

Gemma Pang, 24, Birmingham, is a regular walker to work. She says;

“I always walk to work. I want to help the environment and this is a great way to do it.”

Environmentalists have recommended walking as a good method to help the environment. To help create a clearer air and atmosphere. Even if it means just walking to the park or even the shop a few times a week, rather than taking your car. Using the machines less and using our feet instead. A small step towards helping the environment is the main thing that is wanted.

Even though cars are faster, man using his feet ultimately won the race. Not only did he win, but he took one step towards the environment. Now it’s our turn to at least try this method or give it some kind of thought. Better for us, and the environment we live in.


~ by staycee1 on June 29, 2009.

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