Did you hear about the car that runs on water?

Water Fuel: Car running on water

Water Fuel: Cars running on water

The discussion has begun everyone. Technology now taking on the change of using water. The ultimate question is being discussed, CAN CARS REALLY RUN ON WATER?

U.S. Sitcom ‘That 70’s Show’ begun this interest for me. The character called ‘Hyde’ always talked about a car that ran on water. With the laughter and jokes about this, it sparks interest in whether this is possible or not.

The best thing about this topic is that it is REAL ! Cars have already been designed on running on water.

Below is an example of how a car can run on water. How water fuel is used to do this.

Mixed reviews are circulated around this area. More other views see it as too good to be true. Mechanics approached in Birmingham stated;

“Not sure if it would work in the long run… too much water consumption.”

People have seen this as “fascinating.” In terms of the environment, how would this work? Could the water running car really work? Can it help the environment by reducing pollution, or is it just another short term, creative idea?


~ by staycee1 on May 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Did you hear about the car that runs on water?”

  1. Newer version of this story published at:http://www.birminghamrecycled.co.uk/technology/h20-cars

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  3. Hey Stacey,

    Just read it and its a great article … read it on the site aswell.

    Blog’s looking great, as usual!

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