Are YOU Model Material?

Recycling: Environmental Modelling

Recycling: Environmental Modelling

The modelling industry is one of the most face paced, rapidly moving industries in the world.

Hybrid television programmes purely focussed on modelling have shown massive growth throughout the world. From America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), Australia’s Next Top Model, Canada’s Next Top Model and Britain’s Next Top Model to even Coleen’s Real Women.

As fashion develops, so is fashion’s eye  for the environment. This has taken on the form of organic clothing and D.I.Y. Clothing, creating your own.

Cycle 9 of ANTM showed this. They girls had to do a photoshoot about recycling, the environment.

Stores such as Junky Styling have dedicated creating urban eco fashion through recycling. London store founders of this creation Anni Saunders and Kerry Seagar started this from coming from a background of creating their own clothes.

Various fashion store outlets also have clothes that are more beneficial for the environment.

Not only has the modelling and retail industry taken on this trend, but also everyday people. People are now creating their own clothes from recycled material. Whether this be re-arranging their own clothes, other people’s or even recycable material.

19 year old fashion student Tina, 19, from Birmingham see’s this as an ;

“amazing way to see fashion… a first attempt to bring the environment into fashion.”

The trend of styling one’s own clothes seems to be catching on. But will this be of continuous benefit to the environment, or is it just another fashion trend?

Your Views. Is model recycling a plus point for the environment in industry?


~ by staycee1 on May 21, 2009.

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