OUT with the OLD, IN with the NEW

Car Exchange: Old to New

Car Exchange: Old to New

Motorist’s may soon be able to exchange their old cars for new cars.

The Government have the incentive to press ahead with the scheme. £2000 worth of vouchers could be handed out to replace vehicles nine or more years old.

A scheme of this kind has been successful in Germany. This would cause high demand for more new cars. Helping struggling car manufacturer’s in today’s recession.

No final decision has been made or announced to whether the plan would feature in the budget.

Mixed reviews have been received about the idea.

Some Environmentalist’s see this as not helping the environment. It would cost more energy to gather and manufacture these new cars.

A local member of the public in Birmingham, Catherine Wilkes, 31 stated the idea as being “not beneficial.” She noted how it is only for transport over nine years, when the problem would really lie in the “newer vehicles.”

She also raised the issue of “pollution.” She said “exchanging old cars with new cars isn’t really helping the environment.” She feels that the Government should focus on tackling real life environmental issues such as “pollution.”

Part time self employed Birmingham Car Mechanic and Engineer, Newton Spencer said “it would put pressure on car manufacturer’s.” Also that “money” would be an issue due to current economis status.


Seems this scheme, if put into place, will gain mixed reviews. Can this really help the environment? Will it help the environment? This looks to add to the developing battle between technology helping the environment or technology not helping the environment.

Check out the published version at Birmingham Recycled.


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