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A view to remember: Tranform your environment

A view to remember: Tranform your environment

The image accompanying this text is from outside my house. This land is currently owned by Birmingham City Council and has been like this for over 20 years.

It’s environment is in tact but suffering. It is seeping with rubbish and caged behind bars for citizen protection. It’s natural habitat is left to fend for itself. Relying only on nature itself. Rain for food, sun for growth and each other for life.

This is an example of an environment going to waste. No human contact or effort to help it become better. Just left like a tiger in the wild.

The environment should be something we want to help. Whether it is natural or man made. Helping the environment should be a goal we should at least attempt to set in our lives.

We are learning how to help the environment in terms of saving energy and electricity. Leading to saving money. The environment is not about how we as a nation can save money but how we SHOULD be caring for what is around us.

Groups such as Centre of the Earth and Greenpeace, running along side dedicated environmental groups like Greener People and Wild about Britain. They are examples that people care about the environment.

Esther Boyd also talks about the environment and gets others involved. People who want change not only for themselves but for the environment around them.

Helping the environment is not just for professionals, but for you the public too.  Casey known as ‘Economical Mom‘ is an example of this. Helping the environment for its own sake and others. Are there any in Birmingham (UK) doing this that I know not of, leave your blog address if so?

People of Birmingham, UK and all others around the world. Don’t let the natural environment around you become a part of history. Taught of how nice it was and how it could of been helped. Do something today about your environment. Help it help you.


~ by staycee1 on April 11, 2009.

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