Eco Homes in Birmingham

Lozells: Transformation to eco homes

Lozells: Transformation to eco homes

Eco Projects look to create eco homes in Handsworth and South Lozells. ‘The Improvement For Sale Project’ and ‘The South Lozells Eco Programme‘ look to create eco homes.


The Improvement For Sale Project is a two year project that will see void properties refurbished into eco homes, then sold. Nine dwellings have already been created and are for sale. A further thirty are being improved for existing low income occupiers.

Development Officer for Birmingham City Council, Martyn Hammond, hopes that the project will create an “Eco Village” in the South Lozells area. He stated that it will oversee “3,000” dwellings turn into these eco homes.


This project is installing solar panels into 23 properties in the South Lozells area. They will also produce and distribute “1500 eco information packs.” This will include two energy efficient light bulbs and an energy saving sheet.

It began November 2008 and will commence to 31st March 2009. More secured funding will allow for 26 properties to be installed with solar panels.

Home Energy efficient advisor, “Green Dr” will “visit 60 homes” to complete free surveys. Local have also bee given placement training by Employee Local.

Senior Resident Liaison Officer for The Family Association (Birmingham) Ltd and Co-ordinator for the promotion of this project, Negus Downer, stated; “it aims to raise the awareness of green issues, the environmental benefits of recycling and using sustainable energy.” Also to “educate young children… and their parents.”


Organisations involved within helping create these projects are Birmingham City Housing Department, the Family Housing Association, local building contractors, New World Solar contractors and British Gas Energy Consultants.


The first project is estimated at £550,000 for 2008/9. Further outside funding estimated at £300,000 for 2009/10. The second project estimated at £160,000 plus.


The projects look to reduce the cost of energy bills for the residents of South Lozells, and raise resident’s quality of lifestyles and health.

These eco homes look to be promising, as they not only help the environment, but also the lives of the residents within the areas.

The full and publicised version of this story can be found at Birmingham Recycled.


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4 Responses to “Eco Homes in Birmingham”

  1. the improvement for sale project seems a great idea not only are they turning unused properties into used properties again but also they are doing in an eco friendly way

  2. Yes I agree. Both schemes are helping the same area, but at different costs. They each have similar aims of which I am sure will have great environmental benefits in the long term.

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