The Eco Nightclub

Nightlife: Can it be eco friendly?

Nightlife: Can it be eco friendly?

American Nightclubs have taken nightlife to the environment by introducing an ‘eco friendly nightclub.’


Manhattan in New York has created ‘The Green House.’ Their first eco friendly nightclub. It opened in November of last year. Its location is  150 Varick St in SoHo.

It consists of a 6,000 square foot space that is built out of recycled or recyclable materials. Its bars are also made from recycled glass.  A  carbon-countering program is used to to offset energy used during construction and operation.


After going around and contacting Birmingham nightclubs, no responses have been given as to whether this idea could work in Birmingham. Whether a nightclub room can be purely devoted to helping the environment or not.

Nightclubs in Birmingham have been known for creating personalised theme rooms for special occasions. Can this be the first step to creating an eco friendly nightclub in Birmingham?

General feedback from Birmingham clubbers has resulted in mixed comments. Some stated “It will be a good idea as it brings nightlife to the streets” whilst others said “It will never happen.”


America made the first visible step for bringing the environment into night life. Whether or not the UK, specifically Birmingham will follow or not is another story. Maybe there is one out there that has gone unrecognised.

Whatever the case it just shows that environment is EVERY.


~ by staycee1 on March 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Eco Nightclub”

  1. very interesting! I didn’t know that club existed! A great idea and one I think would work here-who knows what’s to come? It could happen in B’ham! Sounds like you’ve done some research, great work! xo

  2. That was my thoughts exactly. I had never heard of this idea. I was abit sceptical at first but thought “why not?”

    I am just waiting to hear from the Birmingham nightclubs I approached about the idea. Hope to hear from them soon. Gives more back up to my story.

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