The Eco Friendly Porsche

Porsche: The Eco Friendlt Car

Porsche: The Eco Friendly Car

Sports car manufacturer’s  ‘Porsche‘ make their first gas-electric hybrid.


Known for its  fast, motor reving car range, ‘Porsche’ has decided to go environmental friendly.

The ‘Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid‘ will be their first car to run purely on gas and electricity. Costs of the project have been split with Audi Q7 and Touareg.

The Porsche is based around the updated 2008 model. This model also joined forces with Volkswagen and Audi. Its gas engine is an Audi 3.0 litre V6.  The car also contains a metal hybrid battery pack of 152 pounds, creating its electric drive.

The generator consists of an electric motor. Its wheels are driven by the clutch assembly, whether gas or electric based. The cars power sources are coordinated by the ‘Hybrid Manager,’ an electronic control module.


It looks to be more fuel efficient and cleaner. Its release should have been on sale but set backs have caused it to be available in 2010.

Part time self employed Birmingham Car Mechanic and Engineer, Newton Spencer said “it’s a great idea” but it has its “fair share of cut backs.”

He stated that he would worry about “how much energy” would be needed to “keep the car going.” What back up plans have been made to ensure safety concerning the cars “gas” element?

However he did note that he is “impressed” with the working idea, and that maybe “other” car companies could create similar eco cars.


As we know, the Porsche range is very expensive. They can range from £50, ooo and higher. Whether the price of the vehicle will be cheaper or not is still not certain.

Many people may not be able to afford this ‘eco friendly’ car, but may still want the qualities it has.


This new technology will mean big change for the environment. It looks to have a big impact once released next year.

Will cheaper and more affordable car manufacturer’s create a similar vehicle? This is still in question but one we hope will end with ‘YES.’

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