Jounalism Students and Twitter

Students and Twitter

Students and Twitter

Twitter has become one of the TOP social networking sites. It is FREE and allows you to send user updates (Tweets) of 140 characters.

So what has this got to do with journalism you say? How can this help me as a journalist student? That is simple, it will BUILD YOUR web presence.

You will get to know people such as editors, multimedia specialists as well as other local and national journalist’s. You can start a conversation and build YOUR OWN contacts within the industry.

Twitter also allows you to share information and interact about it amongst each other. This can be from videos and blogs to interesting articles or issues in society.

I can do this with FaceBook and other social network sites. Yes you can but Twitter allows you to persoanlly communicate online with the contacts themselves. You also get to view what they are personally interested in and can direct message (private) them if you do not want people to see what you have wrote. It will give you the chance to show who YOU ARE to other journalist’s and people within the journalism industry.

Have I convinced you in the slightest? Check out the below links which I hope will help you.

Why should journalism students Twitter?

10 Twitter users journalist’s should know


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