The Cardboard PC


Cardboard PC

Cardboard PC

Just when you thought they had it all concerning the environment. From recycling bins to eco friendly items. There has been a new development for the environment concerning technology.

Brenden Macaluso has worked on a new invention, the ‘RECOMPUTE’. What is this you say? A computer that has been re-designed having a cardboard layout. Yes that’s right, CARDBOARD.


Recompute is said to be a new way of thinking about computers. It will allow computers to be an overall sustainable product that can be easily replicated. The outer case of the machine is made from cardboard that is renewable and recyclable. It is built only with a motherboard processor and memory, power supply and hard drive.

Its electronic components need to be recycled properly, but can be recycled along with the outer cardboard structure. Recompute was designed to allow its users to take advantage of existing software such as keyboards. Today, Recompute is an existing, working computer.


Awaiting its approval in The Greener Gadget Conference, February 27th 2009 in New York. If advancing to the next level, where will this new environmental technology take us? What would it hold if released in England?


When the issue was taken to the streets if Birmingham there were mixed responses, Karly Jackson, a 31 year old Teacher said, “It’s definitely a different idea. However with all the problems around cardboard I’m not sure if it would work.” John McClean, 34, technician stated, “No I can’t see it working myself.” Some people had never even heard of the idea. Anna Jackson, 19, student said “Really? I can’t believe it… I’d be interested to see if it works.”


As you can see technology is bringing great change and ideas to the environment. Whether Mr Macaluso will be successful or not in the long term if a developing story. However this invention shows much promise for the future of the environment and technology.

Final Publication of this story can be found at Birmingham Recycled.


~ by staycee1 on February 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Cardboard PC”

  1. Never thought I’d live to see the day we have computers made from cardboard… but I’m afraid I will have to side with the comments in your article.. I can’t see it working myself.

    So many of my housemates and close friends have experience computers overheating – so how would putting these hot elements inside a piece of cardboard be allowed? A fire hazard reborn?

    Although I do agree a more sustainable product should be used, but then again laptops, computers and other technologies seem to last much longer than they used to. Reassessing recycling machinery, or even the elements in plastic, may see a quicker solution recycling unwanted items.


  2. Don’t always go for the vox pop option – can be lazy and unenlightening – try speaking to local businesses/universities/experts who can provide context and future developments.


    It’s all real…

    Brenden Macaluso

  4. It’s amazing that it is actually up and running. Minor all the complications with the usage of cardboard. The fact that you (Brenden Macaluso) have created this is fantastic. Can’t wait to see how it develops over time.

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