Have a Green Winter 2010

•November 11, 2010 • 2 Comments

It’s officially here… WINTER IS HERE! The brittle cold weather with its fair share of rain and possibly soon to be snow but lets not forget that we can still have a GREEN WINTER.

Being ECO-FRIENDLY is not just for the hot seasons but also for the cold seasons. We need to make sure that we have a green year all round, even when we can’t grown food outside in the winter. We must help preserve our planet for the years to come, doing as much as we can to help it continue and get better for the generations to come as well as passing on our knowledge, experience, tips and guidance to them so they can carry on what we have started. Let your whole life reflect an eco-friendly world.

Think of ways to:

1. Save energy and electricity.

2. Purchase eco products to keep your grass green and find out how to do this.

3. For all the drivers out there purchase green eco friendly products for vehicles.

4. Clothing (wearing more layers when necessary).

5. Things to do to have a more eco-friendly Christmas.

EHow.com and Treehugger have wrote great passages on ways you can have a green winter this year. Ways include wearing more layers of clothing, keeping doors and windows shut to save energy and using non-toxic anti-deicers for vehicles. Check out more online environmental blogs, contact your local Council for environmental ways to have a green winter 2010 and even phone around for advice.

Plan ahead from NOW. Even though winter is here, it’s not too late. Create a Green Winter Plan as others have done. Give and share ideas with each other!


The Environmentalist is BACK!

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Neglect is no way to treat the environment. I’M BACK, I’M HOME!!! Staycee1’s environmental blog if officially back in business. I will be blogging once again monthly with the latest news, advice and stories about the environment. Topics will include previous ones such as recycling and energy, as well as new fresh topics of which I will be on the search for. So keep on the look out for more environmental stories =]


Green Loans for Greener Homes

•March 2, 2010 • 2 Comments

Today it was announced that a new Government scheme will allow for Green Loans.

These loans will look to help households become more energy efficient by the installation of eco-measures technologies such as  technology such as solar panels and others.

It will work as a Pay As You Save programme (already tested)so it can be paid back over a long period where  savings on energy bills will outweigh payback costs.

Overall it will look to help reduce carbon emissions, making homes cleaner and GREENER.

More info: http://www.businessgreen.com/business-green/news/2258775/government-launches-green-home




Saving Earth

•January 22, 2010 • 4 Comments


Would you go to the depths of the earth for your planet? Climate change, global warming, mother nature taking its toll. Is our environment coming to a sticky end or is it undergoing a new transformation?

Films such as ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘2012′, even though fictional, speak of the greatness of mother nature. Of how mother nature can use the beauty she was blessed with to create weapons of mass destruction upon mankind. The Tsunami on tidal wave on Thailand from the Indian Ocean earthquake on December 26 2004 and the current earthquake disaster that hit Haiti reaching 7.3 Richter scale on January 12. These have just been some of the disasters that have struck earth. But can we SAVE our environment?

Can mankind rebuild its once common ground and its mutual relationship with the environment? The bigger picture is that if we do not, the environment we once knew will crumble right before our eyes and we will feel its consequences.

Environmental charities and groups of all ages, globally, have dedicated all they do to saving the environment. Whether it be recycling or battling issues involving global warming, people are genuinely committed to helping the environment around them.

Neal Pargman, 65, Founder of ‘Save the Earth’ was asked his thoughts on saving the environment and earth around us.

“I started the Save The Earth Movement in 1972, but didn’t get the Save The Earth Foundation established until 1989.”

“We try to get the message “Save The Earth” into the consciousness of all people while licensing the STE trademark. Licensing fees support environmental research at colleges and also with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)”.

“I think it will take a miracle to Save The Earth, but I do believe in miracles.”

“I think the state of the environment is worse than ever. NOAA tells us that the next big environmental crisis will be ocean acidification. We are concentrating on this now.”

“It made me feel great at the beginning. Now after 38 years at it, I feel I have failed to get the message out in time.”

The bigger question now becomes “Will mankind save the environment?” If so, what can we do to help.

Neal stated: “Use less resources. CO2 is the main cause of ocean acidification. Driving less will put less CO2 in the oceans. CO2 in the ocean turns into carbonic acid which dissolves plankton, coral, and shellfish.”

The fight to save out planet is on. Now is the time where we need to ask ourselves “Are we ready to do what we can to save earth?” The power is in our hands.



Green STOP?

•October 23, 2009 • 3 Comments
Stop!: A standstill in environmental thinking

Stop!: A standstill in environmental thinking

I have been writing about the environment for a while now. I started writing about the environment for a university module. I did not have any interests or much knowledge about the environment. Once I got into blogging and writing articles about the environment, I gained much knowledge into the environment. What the environment was about, different areas which the environment covered, and so on.

This has been my FIRST post for a while. For an unknown strange reason, my mind has become ‘jilted.’ My mind has become blank on the thousands of content ideas it can create for blogging about the environment. Does this mean I have nothing else to say? Does this mean there is nothing more to say about the environment? Shall I not write about the environment anymore? NO… it just means that I will now think of DIFFERENT ways of interacting with the environment. New stories will come to mind when I find out different ways to blog about the environment.

Man vs Machine: Foot Express

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Foot Express: Helping the environment

Foot Express: Helping the environment

Top Gear aired a special episode a while back about whether a man could get to a certain destination before a car would. The great battle between man and machine. Who could win? Obviously the car right? Well even to my astonishment, the man WON! He beat the car by at least 10 minutes. The car led the race with a great advantage over the man, who was a marathon runner. The car was in the lead for most of the race until it hit traffic, at which the man literally passed the car.

How is this an environmental issue you say? Well… Cars give of numerous amounts of gases that slowly destroy the environment bit by bit. Manufacturing companies have been developing cars that are more ‘eco friendly’.  Companies such as Porsche have created the ‘Green Porsche’, which is an environmentally friendly car.  Genepax who have created a car that runs on water.

Technology is helping the environment, however how much more can you do if you WALK? Just as in the above talked about Top Gear episode, running over-ruled driving. Man beat the machine. Running or even walking more rather than taking your car and public transport, if possible, will benefit the environment loads.

Gemma Pang, 24, Birmingham, is a regular walker to work. She says;

“I always walk to work. I want to help the environment and this is a great way to do it.”

Environmentalists have recommended walking as a good method to help the environment. To help create a clearer air and atmosphere. Even if it means just walking to the park or even the shop a few times a week, rather than taking your car. Using the machines less and using our feet instead. A small step towards helping the environment is the main thing that is wanted.

Even though cars are faster, man using his feet ultimately won the race. Not only did he win, but he took one step towards the environment. Now it’s our turn to at least try this method or give it some kind of thought. Better for us, and the environment we live in.

My H20 Cars Video Clip

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Check out my new short video clip on H20 cars and what the Birmingham Public ‘thinks.’ This is also on the Birmingham Recycled website.